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After the exhausting yet not interesting national examination (I get bored whenever both national or private broadcasting station blabber about it and all the problems due the bad distribution system and anything related), I want to indulge myself. Who can ignore a thick novel, Beethoven’s symphony, and delicatessen, eh? Teehee. Several weeks before exam started I listed down books that I want to read during holiday. Here’s my list:

  1. Lolita
  2. Child of All Nations
  3. The Best of Sherlock Holmes
  4. General Chemistry
  5. Ethica Humana Integritas
Is there anything weird with that list? For those who haven’t read the fourth and fifth book, they aren’t  a teen’s stuffs. I borrow them from my dad. My dad’s books are mostly about environmental science, physics, calculus, and chemistry. So, how could I not get interested to open one of them? I’m currently lack of inspiration, so that I want to read as much as possible. I hope a LOT of inspiration will follow. FYI, Ethica Humana Integritas is about sport :)

I’m proud to state that volunteering is exciting. My field of volunteering is education, since I’m too young to join other field. I volunteer with my schoolmates in the afternoon. Have you ever been teaching young schoolgirls and schoolboys on a riverside? Could you imagine learning together with them on a rainy day? You can’t pay for this experience.The happiest moment is when you play a traditional game with them while the ‘lucky kids’ play with the newest tablet PC :)
 ”Do something wholeheartedly, though we are not paid for it”
I can’t believe that there’s one of them who can’t read fluently, though she is a year 3 student. What’s wrong with the learning system here? When I was 6, my first teacher taught me reading step by step through a different (but very effective) system. We didn’t read a word syllable by syllable, or pronounced a letter as an adult do (such as ‘Q’ is pronounced as ‘qyu’, but we spell it ‘qu’; ‘B’ is pronounced as ‘bi’, but for kids it’s ‘b’). I was lucky because I spent my first two years of basic education and kindergarten year in Europe.

  • Hangout 
I’m not a nerd at all. Hangout is always in my agenda, whether it’s only a visit to a friend’s house to discuss something. I went to Ahpoong and Taman Wiladatika with my schoolmates to accomplish our mission after exam. We chose those places since they are not far from our town. 
More photos are coming soon…

How’s your holiday after exam?

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Hope you like it, babe! :)


National Examination is finally over. Who’s not happy? ;)


after the first flight

Aquarelle on A5 paper, Photoshop

childhood: imagination and happiness

Don’t grow up too fast, dudes

Imaginary Cubes

untitled | acrylic on canvas
Imaginary Cubes: an assignment | aquarelles on A4 paper
Being a 12th grader means I have to reduce my time for drawing and increasing the duration of studying. It is always a joyful time, whenever I have spare time so that I can draw, doodle, or just paint something to release the boredom and all feeling. If you recognize that I use a wooden plate, well, it’s just because I lost all of my pallets. Teehee~~

I really appreciate all projects that my art and culture teacher give. Attending the art and culture class, instead of skipping it, means time to have fun! You don’t need to count the motion of a plane, transposing matrices, writing notes, or memorize new vocabularies in German. All you need are : pay attention before you are going to scratch your sketchpad, canvas, or drawing paper, and a bit imagination to finish an assignment. Sadly, in this semester, starting from February, there is no art and culture class anymore. We have to prepare for the national examination. Phew!

By the way, it’s familiar to me knowing that some people can get the ‘it’ point from that my drawings (especially the Imaginary Cubes). Somehow, they come from my mind. Most of my drawings resemble things that I have seen before, some places that I can’t reach in reality (so call me a daydreamer), and yeah, mixture of collective expression.  If you open your diary to remember something that is special for you, I will draw to recall my memory. It’s just the same in general, right? But, regular doodles are very different. I do it just for having fun.

Have a nice Friday, friends!

Tutorial : Rubbing Alcohol

Banana. Fingerprinting pad, drawing pen, aquarelles, and alcohol on drawing paper.

This time I will try to get your attention in using alcohol to blend colors on drawing paper, since some of my friends get fascinated. Teehee! It will be useful to get colorful and attractive shades from limited colors. For this experiment I use fingerprinting pads and aquarelles from Faber-Castell.

First, you have to prepare your ‘weapons’. It’s better to use aquarelles and fingerprinting pads (if you have), because they can blend easily. Don’t forget these two things: alcohol and cotton swab. Cotton ball is a good choice for a larger area.

Second, draw something on your paper. I suggest you to use watercolor papers or the 150 gms one. Or, if you have a finished artwork and want to rub it with alcohol, well, it doesn’t matter.

Now, it’s the time for the exciting experiment. Dampen your cotton swab or cotton ball with alcohol and apply it gently on your drawing. It’s possible to treat it like a painting brush on smaller area. Turn your swab between your fingers as you stroke your paper to avoid laying down unwanted color.

Last, but not least, let your drawing dry first before you are going to apply another color. You may get a better result if you work in a well-ventilated area. 

This tutorial is adapted from

Dieng Plateau #2

at Sikidang Crater

I love this Batik Cirebon outerwear so much! I bought it in Cirebon when I was having a pre-holiday with my friends.

Yes, it’s true that I went to the God’s abode which is located in Central Java on my last holiday. My parents took me and my brother there since they didn’t have much time for having a long holiday. If you live around Jakarta, Depok, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi and want to have a quick holiday outside Jakarta and West Java, Dieng is must-visit place. It took less than 12 hours to reach Dieng from Wonosobo’s side.

For further information, please visit I find this site very useful :)

now what: Andrew Kim

Plans have changed, but I tell you this: I will always dedicate my spare time for artworks and look up for awesome inspirations.

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